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La Mafia's Innovative Heights

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La Mafia’s ground-breaking music and innovative style pushed La Mafia to previously unimagined heights. Unsurprisingly, the group’s musical identity and distinctive style have since been adopted as industry standards. Across the board, Tejano groups unconsciously mimic La Mafia when they incorporate high-powered sound and electrifying stage performances.


En Tus Manos

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1. Amiga Cruel   
2. Canciones De Cornelio (Medley/Potpourri)
Te Vas Angel Mio, Que Se Junten Nuestros Brazos, Idos De La Mente   
3. En Tus Manos
4. Vivir   
5. Solo
6. Para Siempre Contigo
7. Dime
8. Vuelve Conmigo   
9. Que Haria Sin Ti   
10. Enamorada   
Album: En Tus Manos
Rec.L/Disc.: Sony Discos
Year/Año: 1997

En Tus Manos debuted on June 3, 1997.

Side/Lado [A]

Amiga Cruel

Eduardo Alanis

Te Vas Angel Mio

Cornelio Reyna

Idos De La Mente

Cornelio Reyna

Que Se Junten Nuestros Brazos

Cornelio Reyna

En Tus Manos

Armando Larrinaga


Armando Larrinaga


Marco Antonio Perez

Side/Lado [B]

Para Siempre Contigo

Marco Antonio Perez


Eduardo Alanis

Vuelve Conmigo

Eduardo Alanis

Que Haria Sin Ti

Joe Gonzalez


Jorge Luis Piloto

La Mafia: Arcives


La Mafia, the Grammy Award-winning artist responsible for introducing Mexican-American, or Tejano music to the rest of the world, is back. Still La Mafia humbly offers a brand new record.

Entitled En Tus Manos, the CD was recorded at Houston Sound Studio, the premier recording facility built by La Mafia in Houston, Texas – their city of origin. A conscious move to vintage Mafia at its best, the studio effort is a result of the group’s decision to record in a style they pioneered, the sound that made them an international sensation.

With En Tus Manos, La Mafia reaches even further into its musical roots, paying tribute to the godfather of border music, Cornelio Reyna, with a medley entitled “Canciones de Cornelio.” The tribute can be traced to the late 80’s and early 90’s when La Mafia began touring extensively in Mexico, an initiative never before undertaken by a band working in the Tejano genre – or any other stateside musical style, for that matter – due to lack of interest in the music by audiences south of the border.

Scheduled for release on May 29th, En Tus Manos will debut with a single slated to drop during the last week in April titled “Enamorada.”



2nd Grammy a Surprise to La Mafia

Houston’s La Mafia copped another Grammy Award for the album En Tus Manos, which beat out a strong field in the Mexican/Tejano category. The Tejano group, which records at its own northside sound studios, won in the same category last year for the album Un Millon de Rosas. The Grammy was presented to the group in a ceremony before CBS’ televised portion of the awards.

“For some reason, this feels better to me than the first time,” said La Mafia producer/keyboardist Mando Lichtenberger Jr. “For anyone that doubted the group, this solidifies respect. I think the industry has come to realize the group is a legitimate performing act. These guys can play.”

Lead vocalist Oscar de la Rosa added, “We’re happy to be the two-ston from Houston. No one was more surprised than I was. It’s an honor to be selected from among so many deserving and equally talented artists.”

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