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1. Momentos   
2. Mi Amor Sin Ti   
3. Loco De Gusto   
4. Dicen   
5. Soy Tan Feliz   
6. Quisiera Ser Yo   
7. Dejame Seguir Asi   
8. A Donde Puedo Ir   
9. Dejame Llorar   
10. Grande Fantasia   
11. Soy Tan Feliz (With Accordion)   
12. Angels And Miracles   
Album: Momentos
Rec.L/Disc.: Sony Discos
Year/Año: 1999

Side/Lado [A]


Ricardo Quijano

Mi Amor Sin Ti

Ricardo Quijano

Loco De Gusto

Armando Lichtenberger, Jr./Edel Ramirez


Ricardo Quijano

Soy Tan Feliz

Ricardo Quijano

Quisiera Ser Yo

Edel Ramirez

Side/Lado [B]

Dejame Seguir Asi

Edel Ramirez

A Donde Puedo Ir

Oscar De La Rosa/Edel Ramirez

Dejame Llorar

Ricardo Quijano

Grande Fantasia

Edel Ramirez

Angels And Miracles

Vince Melamed/Greg Barnhill

Momentos debuted on July 24, 1999.

La Mafia: Arcives

AS La Mafia’s Farewell After Nearly two decades of Making Music,

MOMENTOS is an expectedly confident and Solidly Produced Affair.

The Houston-based Tejano supergroup announced its separation last December, much to the surprise of fans and the Spanish-language music industry. Lead singer Oscar de la Rosa said he had grown weary of endless touring and performing, and he expressed disappointment with the way Sony Discos, La Mafia’s longtime label, handled the group’s promotion in Mexico.

Momentos showcases La Mafia’s unmistakable blend of traditional Tejano elements and slick pop sensibilities on lilting cumbias such as “Mi Amor Sin Ti,” “Dejen Me Seguir Asi” and “Grande Fantasia.” Equally effective are the more straightforward rancheras, including “Loco de Gusto” and “A Donde Puedo Ir.” Its fusion of old and new has incited criticism from some Tejano traditionalists, but La Mafia isn’t backing down.

“Soy Tan Feliz,” the album’s joyous first single, blends cumbia rhythms, rock-guitar riffs and tropical elements with de la Rosa’s confident vocals – all anchored by a catchy chorus. The album also features a bonus “Tejano” version of the song, with added accordion.

Aside from that attempt to appease radio programmers, “Momentos” is even more aggressive in its pop approach “Angels and Miracles” is a shuffling English track highlighted by wistful guitar licks and sweet instrumentation. “Dicen” and “Dejame Llorar” are heartbreaking ballads sure to incite plenty of swooning, thanks to de la Rosa’s plaintive delivery.

The title track is a musical farewell to fans it’s a bittersweet moment and a fitting goodbye for a group whose music still represents a refreshing break from the often-stifling world of Tejano music.

La Mafia: Arcives


Twice Grammy Award winners, La Mafia, has decided to call it quits after twenty years of performing. The group’s singer, Oscar De La Rosa said he actually had made up his mind almost five years ago when he had asked their previous management he wanted to do an album on his own. Oscar said that there was even plans on replacing him with a new vocalist after bringing that up. “I just wanted to see what I can do as an individual. Just to see what I could do.” When La Mafia decided to restructure the group, they also decided to replace the management because they felt management had lost their faith in the group. “Sometimes changes are better. You have to make changes. If you never make changes in your life, you’ll never know what you’ll be able to accomplish, or what you could have accomplished. And I don’t want to live on ‘I could of’, I want to live by ‘I’ll try it now’, and if it works for me, let least it was something I got a chance to try and if it doesn’t, fine.”, said Oscar. About two 2 years Oscar brought the group together and said since the contract is about to expire with Sony, now will be the time to try this.

“I left the road a year ago”, said keyboard/accordionist, Mando. “Because I have dedicated myself more to managing the group and personally couldn’t handle the wear and tear anymore. I would have ended up in the hospital, by producing, playing, managing and I knew I had to make a change.” Mando said Oscar called him about a year ago from Mexico and said, “This is it. Set up a meeting. I can’t do it at this pace anymore”. On December 2, 1998, La Mafia announced their retirement.

When asked by Roy Arellano of, how they felt after receiving TTMA’s “Lifetime Achievement Award”, they responded with “very happy and honored”. “We finally got the recognition the group deserved”, said Oscar.

Their latest album “Momentos” that had just been released, contains every different style of mexican music: Norteño, Balada, and Cumbia, including an original Tejano style song. Oscar believes La Mafia has been the only group that has had a #1 hit in every style mentioned above. There’s even a “Balada Rock”, as described by Oscar, on the new CD called “Angels and Miracles”. Their new single off the “Momentos” CD is “Soy Tan Feliz”



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