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Amor Y Sexo

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AmorySexoCP11. Me Mata
2. Seria Mas Facil
3. Quiero Amarte
4. Provocacion
5. A Donde Va El Amor
6. Una Cancion Para Olvidar
7. Toda Dama Lo Amerita
8. No Me Abandones
9. Soy Facil
10. Protegere
11. Amor y Sexo

Album: Amor y Sexo
Rec.L/Disc.: Urbana Records
Year/Año: 2014

Amor y Sexo was digitaly pre-released on May 05, 2014 and released on CD June 03, 2014. Amor y Sexo entered the Billboards charts Top Latin Albums category at number nine and had a peak position at number 3 June 12, 2014 on the Regional Mexican Billboard charts.

La Mafia: Archives

La Mafia Elevates Amor y Sexo With Elegance

After a long time without a studio album, the Pride of the Northside is back with the much anticipated Amor y Sexo. While the music is “pura Mafia” the playlist is a bit different.

As any Mafioso who grew up with them in the Tejano 80s, weathered their change to a more international sound in the 90s, and have enjoyed them bringing all of their sounds back into play in the 2000s, this new production was still a bit of a surprise.

Sure, there are three rancheras–more than usual; but only one cumbia. That’s right, four ballads, two valseadas and a jazzy dance tune round out a slightly different production, but one that keeps the Mafia sound intact.

“Seria Mas Facil” and “Una Cancion Para Olvidar” are strong horn-influenced and acordeon-infused rancheras. The latter has some powerful harmonies, too. The acordeon-heavy “Protegere Nuestros Recuerdos” is a short, but powerful ranchera about a loves end, but with some great memories stored away in case of a return.

“Quiero Amarte” is the sole cumbia with some pop influences that could make it a fan favorite when played live. It’s already one of my favorites.

Among the ballads, “Provocación” is my favorite with its rising chorus and piano-led melody. A surprise tune is the horn-driven jazzy dance tune, “Soy Facil”, which translated is “I’m Easy.” Great guitar solo in this one. “Todo Dama Lo Amerita” offers a mariachi- and trio-esque international ballad which fans will enjoy. The opener, “Me Mata”, and “Amor y Sexo” are reminiscent of the 90s power ballads that put La Mafia on the international map.

“No Me Abandones”, restyled from a ranchera on 1983s Mafia Mania, is the quintessential booze-it-up valseada to beg a lover not to leave. Its horn and acordeón arrangements are superb. “A Donde Va El Amor” is a similarly-styled vals driven by the bajo and acordeon.

Big kudos to Oscar de la Rosa for continuing to school some of the new talent out there on how to sustain a voice 30-plus years later. Mando Lichtenberger deserves a lot of credit as the producer and arranger, too. These guys just haven’t lost their touch.



“Amor Escondido”

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The new La Mafia single “Amor Escondido” was mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London. Where The Beatles recorded all of thier hits.

El nuevo sencillo de La Mafia “Amor Escondido” fue masterizado en Estudios Abbey Road en Londres. Estudio de grabacion de Los Beatles.

La Mafia - Billboard Top 25

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La Mafia helped detonate the explosion of Tejano music that swept the country in the 80’s and early 90’s. The group notched 13 top 10s and four No. 1s, including “Me Estoy Enamorando,” which spent nine weeks at the top of the chart.


La Mafia Live In The 80's

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1. Nunca, Nunca
2. Devolucion
3. Y Esa Fuiste Tu
4. Perdi La Esperanza
5. Un Bouquet De Rosas
6. Quedate
7. Nada Mas
8. Comprende
9. Tanto Amor
10. Polkas Mafiosas
11. Oh Girl

Album: La Mafia Live In The 80’s
Rec.L/Disc.: Urbana/ South Central Music
Year/Año: 2011

La Mafia Live In The 80’s debuted on September 6, 2011.

Eternamente Romanticos

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1. Eternamente   
2. Ay Amor   
3. El Mundo No Es Igual (Pop)   
4. Sigo Siendo Un Romantico   
5. Amame   
6. Sobrevivi   
7. Me Rompes El Corazon   
8. El Mundo No Es Igual   
9. Eternamente (Balada)   
10. Es El Destino   
11. Sirvame Otra   
12. Me Hace Bien, Me Hace Mal   
13. Dime Donde Y Cuando   

Album: Eternamente Romanticos
Rec.L/Disc.: ASL / Disa Records
Year/Año: 2008

Eternamente Romanticos debuted on August 12, 2008.


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1. Quiero Amanecer Contigo
2. Si Quiere Dios
3. Mi Loca Pasion
4. Yo Se Que Te Iras
5. Tu, Tu Y Solo Tu
6. Nuestra Cancion
7. Para El Pueblo
8. Soy Tuyo
9. De Norte A Sur
10. Estas Tocando Fuego
11. Que Hare Yo
12. Nadie Como Tu
13. Quiero, Quiero
14. Arrancame El Corazon
15. Me Estoy Volviendo Loco
16. Mandame Un E-Mail

Album: Nuevamente
Rec.L/Disc.: Univision / Urbana Records
Year/Año: 2006

Nuevamente debuted on May 23, 2006.

This CD/DVD is like an anthology of the first 25 years of La Mafia’s carreer, with songs going way back to the early 80s and songs from the 90s albums that propelled La Mafia (and Tejano Music) into the national and international spotlight , and appropiately includes a few songs from “Para El Pueblo” for which they won the Latin Grammy in the same year they celebrated their 25th anniversary and were inducted into the Houston Hall of Fame. The album also contains two brand new songs “Quiero Amanecer Contigo” and “Mandame Un E-Mail.” The only way that all of these songs could be recorded on the same label, was to completely rerecord them with great care to remain true to the original sound. Due to the fact that the original recorded tracks were recorded on various labels who own the catalogs to them.

Para El Pueblo

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1. Para El Pueblo
2. Dejame
3. Matame Con Tu Veneno
4. Arrancame El Corazon
5. Convencerte
6. Sufriendo El Corazon
7. Yo Se Que Te Iras
8. Tienes Razon
9. Nadie Como Tu
10. De Norte A Sur
11. Sufriendo El Corazon (Cumbia)
12. Tienes Razon (Balada)
13. Para El Pueblo Urbana Mix (Rap: Juan Gotti)
14. Tienes Razon (Instrumental)
15. Sufriendo El Corazon (Instrumental)
16. Para El Pueblo (Instrumental)

Album: Para El Pueblo
Rec.L/Disc.: Urbana Records
Year/Año: 2004

Para El Pueblo debuted on November 16, 2004.

Nube Pasajera

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No Se Porque
1. Alejate
2. Nube Pasajera
3. Lloro El Pasado
4. Las Llaves De Mi Alma
5. Llorare Por Dentro
6. No Te Vayas Jamas
7. De Que Valio Quererte
8. Chiquilla
9. Te Estoy Amando Tanto
10. Nube Pasajera (Pop)
11. Nube Pasajera (Cumbia)

Album: Nube Pasajera
Rec.L/Disc.: Fonovisa
Year/Año: 2004

Nube Pasajera debuted on September 21, 2004.

The song “No Se Porque” was supposed to have been the first track of the Nube Pasajera album but was not released in the album.

La canción “No Se Porque” se suponia ser la primer canción en el album de Nube Pasajera pero no fue releasada en el album.


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1. Me Haces Falta
2. Y Que Sera
3. Murmullo De Sol
4. Ayudame Luna
5. Estoy Enamorado
6. Y Ahora Que
7. Destino
8. Mi Otra Mitad
9. Tan Solo
10. Push Push

Album: Inconfundible
Rec.L/Disc.: Fonovisa
Year/Año: 2001

Inconfundible debuted on October 22, 2001.


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1. Amor Secreto
2. Contigo
3. Sabor A La Fiesta
4. Cuando Tu Me Besas
5. No Puedo Controlarte (Esperando Tu Adios)
6. Llora Conmigo
7. No Llores Mas Corazon
8. Eres (Duet: Lili Arce)
9. Nuevo Amanecer (Podria Decir)
10. Morir Soñando

Album: Contigo
Rec.L/Disc.: Fonovisa
Year/Año: 2000

Contigo debuted on October 16, 2000 and entered the Billboard charts Latin Regional Mexican category at number five on November 4, 2000.

Regional Mexican Songs

Name Debut Position Peak Position
Contigo 11/25/00 39 11/25/00 39

La Mafia: Archives

Tejano Band La Mafia Starts New On Fonovisa Records

Billboard October 28, 2000

Armed with a new album, a new record label and, perhaps more important, a new sound, the Houston-based pop/Tejano band La Mafia, which retired briefly last year, is back on the scene.

“We went in one direction on this new album,” says keyboardist/producer Armando Lichtenberger Jr. “We sort of combined all the pop sounds we have done before. Now, we are just unifying it [the sound] into one record.”

La Mafia’s new album, “Contigo,” hits retail Tuesday (24) on Fonovisa Records, which signed the band last summer after coaxing them out of retirement. La Mafia has been with Sony Discos since the late ‘80s. The title track, “a midtempo pop ballad supplemented with congas and acoustic guitar picking,” was released as a single Sept. 16.

“In the past, our albums have always had a few balladas, a few norteño songs, cumbias, just a mix of stuff,” says Lictenberger. “On this album we worked hard to get a more cohesive sound.”

A central part of that new sound are the guitar-fueled uptempo songs “Nuevo Amanecer,” “Morrir Sonando,” and “Sabor A La Fiesta.” “Those are a few of the tracks we’re proud of,” Lichtenberger says.” ‘Nuevo Amanecer’ is a pop ballad and ‘Morir Soñando’ a tropical/cumbia. This the first time we’ve used the guitar as the leads on these, so I guess you could call them rock/cumbias.” Lichtenberger served as producer for the new album as he has for most of the band’s history.

Lead singer Oscar De La Rosa says a new team at Fonovisa has him excited again. “When we were at Sony before we left, things were just not the same,” he says. “They would say things [about promotions], but I could tell they just were not excited. In other words, we were not a priority to them.”

De La Rosa says that the band’s last tour in Mexico, in mid-1998, was the most disappointing. “ We found out our album wasn’t even in the stores, and we felt we were wasting our time.”

In December 1998, La Mafia stunned the music industry when it announced it was retiring. Through the band’s 20-year history, it had sold a ton of records, influenced numerous artists, and earned two Grammys. But the wear and tear of the touring road, plus what De La Rosa called the “lack of any real support” from its record label, convinced the group to throw in the towel.

“I just got tired of doing the same thing. All the touring, always away from home,” De La Rosa says “You start doing things because you have to, not because you want to. I want to enjoy myself when I’m performing, and it had gotten to a point where it was like work.”

The group announced it would play the few remaining concert dates in 1999 and break up at the end of that year. According to De La Rosa, the band was approached by several record labels.

None of them were convincing, he says, until they spoke with Fonovisa. “Working with this new label, Fonovisa, has been great,” he says. “When they asked us to meet with them, I was impressed. They had everyone there, all the promoters, all the sales staff, the regional directors. It was really something we had not expected. We could tell that they were very serious.”

Fonovisa GM Gilberto Moreno says the label was equally impressed with La Mafia’s recording career. “We consider La Mafia to still be one of the most important bands in regional Mexican music,” Moreno says. “I think their music can appeal to many different markets, from the Latin pop and contemporary [radio] stations to Tejano and regional Mexican stations.”

According to Lichtenberger a formal organized tour support for the new album is being planned for early next year. “Right now, we’re on a promotional tour through the end of the year,” he says.

As part of the band’s come back strategy, the personnel has been increased. The five-member band (Lichtenberger on keyboards, De La Rosa on vocals, David de la Garza on keyboards, Eutemio “Tim” Ruiz on bass, and Michael Aguilar on drums) has been augmented by two more guitarists, Eugene Barrientos and Marion Aquilina; two backup vocalists, Lili Arce and Pam Mendoza; and percussionist Brian Doria.

“This puts us on a level with the international scene, which is what Lichtenberger. “We want to be able to play on any stage, any type of entertainment. In the Latin music industry, you can be on a stage with Alejandro Sanz one day and then with Marco Antonio Solis on the West Coast the next day.

“We felt we needed this kind of band to be that versatile,” he continues. “We have always recorded different styles of music, and we have also used different studio players throughout our career. We felt we needed to make [the band] complete, to be able to play what we have recorded in the past and what we recorded on this album.”

La Mafia was formed in 1980 when manager Henry Gonzales helped his younger brothers—singer Oscar (who later changed his last name to De La Rosa) and original guitarist Leonard—start the group as a Tejano show band. It quickly became among the first groups to utilize the big stage, lights, fog, and sound of modern rock concerts. Like country music of the ‘80s, Tejano was mostly musicians simply standing onstage and playing their grooves. With the advent of MTV and the focus on visuals, Tejano groups quickly realized that just going onstage and performing wasn’t enough anymore. Like La Mafia has been incorporating rock theatrics.

Through the years La Mafia has been through several lineup changes and modified its sound from a hardcore Tejano group to a pop-ballad-focused grupo, as they adapted to a changing market. The band peaked in the early ‘90s with a trio of best-selling albums: Estas Tocando Fuego,” “Ahora Y Siempre,” and “Vida,” released in 1993, completed La Mafia’s transformation from Tejano polka outfit to a romantic-ballad-driven group similar to genre lead-driven group similar to genre leaders Los Bukis and Los Temerarios.


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